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clicking deficiency

May 3, 2010

So I haven’t taken many pictures lately. These are two of few from the past month or so. Looking for my mojo…


mother’s day note

May 3, 2010

Last week I was excited to receive a request from author Kelly Corrigan to use a few of my photos for this slideshow! She appeared on The Today Show this past Thursday, bringing this along with her. Although it wasn’t aired they’ve included it on their website. Cool, huh? Thanks, Patricia at wonder farm for recommending my work!

See if you can find my three: facepaint girl, gerbil in hand, and my friend Angela (orange hat with baby on her back).

spring at my mom’s

April 10, 2010

We stayed at my mom’s for a week leading up to Easter. So much beauty to be found there. I’ve been interested in native plants lately so it’s fun discovering which plants I grew up with are native and which are not. My dad was happiest in his garden and spent a lot of time there. These are a few of many of his plants. None of these are native but they sure are pretty.

Flowering quince:

Grape hyacinth:

Cornelian cherry (I’d love this picture if it weren’t for that yellow flower blob in the middle!):

the Easter pout

April 10, 2010

This series cracks me up,  secondborn pouting in her grandparents’ garage following an egg hunt dispute. The entire time, as she pouts and explains things to her dad, she’s looking in the mirror.

in the crocuses

March 26, 2010

These shots inspired by Shona Leah.

overly Jet

March 16, 2010

Did I mention that we now have a total of four gerbils? Not only did our eldest receive two males (Birthday and Shadow) on her birthday but her sister purchased a couple of her own, females named Jet and Shadow. So far we’ve had relatively good luck with them until we discovered a sore on Shadow #2. We found her huddled in a corner, bullied by a biting Jet. Could be worse. Could be a lot worse. Last week we heard a gerbil horror story: a friend’s gerbil pulled her own intestines out! This keeps Jet’s biting in perspective and also got me reading about gerbils, something we hadn’t done much of yet.

And so begun a bit of research starting wtih terminology. Gerbil, desert rat, or clawed jird? I vote for “clawed jird.” We discovered that their lodgings could be improved. When our friends warned us that their gerbils chewed through a few cages, I did find it hard to believe. I am wiser now. Yes, they eat right through plastic. This can’t possibly be good for them. Not sure why the pet stores even recommend such lodgings. We picked up a nice big glass tank from my mom’s this past weekend. We are making gerbil housing improvements slowly but surely. Jet is now separated from her sister (if they are indeed litter mates). We’ve read that females compete for males so perhaps Jet’s aggression is a result of smelling those yummy males around the corner. Kinda cruel of us and makes me hope never to be someone’s gerbil.

So… Have a gerbil? Pick up a camera ’cause these critters are the supermodels of the rodent world. I’ve only photographed Jet so far. I’m telling you she knows how to work it for the camera with her big eyes and direct stare. Wikipedia calls them “overly inquisitive”  and I think this is what makes them such great subject matter. I’m not sure what that “overly” is all about.

Something fun. My facebook friends (and my hubby too) were all laughing at me ’cause I’d never heard this song. Found it while googling “shake it like a polaroid picture.” Such a great song and I’m loving this Peanuts rendition! Okay, so I’m *way* behind in pop culture:)


March 9, 2010

Two wonderful things sprung up today, a teepee and a crocus. The firsts of the season. I’m feeling so great:)

RIP, Mark Linkous, an artist I only just heard of today. This is beautiful: